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Another Liverpool industrial photography commission under the belt and more hi-viz PPE added to the boot of the car. This time nice and local in the Old Swan, a couple of miles away from home. It was for the Lister Drive Greener Grid Park installation which is currently under construction.

The end client is Statkraft, a green energy supplier, who needed general site photos at this stage of development and coverage of a visit by the CBI (Confederation of British Industry). The CBI is championing projects like this across the UK, so it was a great PR and press opportunity to get some photography during their tour of the facility.

CBI tour of renewable energy industrial project in Liverpool

Business tour in Liverpool photo

Renewable energy industrial photography

The £25m project is one of several initiatives across the country that will help the UK build a greener future, reaching its goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050. The country is the fastest decarbonising electricity system in the world.

How they achieve this is pretty technical and way over my head. But the basics are that the grid park tries to maintain electricity grid stability from renewable sources. For example managing surges on very windy days, or at other times when there isn't enough power, boosting from other sources. One part of this technology uses high inertia - a concrete disc weighing 40 tonnes that spins - which acts like a shock absorber for when big power changes happen. And great to know that this happens through equipment and technology created by Warrington based company ABB.

electricity grid stability project in Liverpool photo

During times of uncertainty, in particular where our energy comes from, it is reassuring to know that the UK is at the forefront of grid decarbonisation. 2022 is the year these green turbines begin to make their impact. Two are up and running at Keith Greener Grid Park, in Moray, Scotland, with four more coming on stream this year. Rassau in south Wales went live last month, a fourth will start spinning at Killingholme in Lincolnshire within weeks, followed by Grain in Kent and Lister Drive in Liverpool this summer.

power grid stability project in Liverpool photo

I have been back to the site again to provide updated photos as the development is progressing quickly and also record a time lapse video of the installation of a large transformer on site. Hopefully I will get the all clear soon to add these images to the blog. Until then here are a small selection from February 2022 and below coverage in press.

Liverpool photographer on location image

Lister Drive project in Liverpool photo

Greener Grid Park installation photo

renewable energy development photo

tearsheet photo

tearsheet photo press coverage

tearsheet photo

tearsheet photo

tearsheet photo

tearsheet photo of twitter coverage

tearsheet photo of twitter press and pr coverage

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