Personal projects

Strange times during the Covid-19 lockdown but it has enabled me to work on some personal projects. The main one is creating a digital archive from a family collection of 35mm slides. A recent blog post via the link explains more - but I envisage it will be something that keeps me busy for quite a while. Another thing I have been working on is my photography Instagram account - so if that is your thing, give the images a check and follow my account.

Before all this, 2020 began positively, with a few magazines wanting to feature some landscape photography - check my most recent project Taking the ice out of Iceland.

Of course, I have a number of completed and ongoing personal projects.

Over the last decade I have been documenting various social issues and how they manifest themselves via protests. I covered many UK Uncut actions and documented direct actions, student demonstrations and protests both here in Liverpool and across the UK. Part of a large collection of protest photography can be seen on my Tumblr blog. Quite a few of these images have been licenced and used in national and international press and I also exhibited a selection as part of the Look Photography Festival .

As a result of this work I have collaborated with a number of criminology academics researching new types of street protests. I have presented my work and experiences as a professional photographer in a module called "Photography and Protest" several times at Liverpool John Moores University. And participated in workshop and seminar activities.

Another on-going area of my work is coverage of world music events and festivals and am represented by several specialist image libraries. Obviously if you have an interesting event, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Again loads of music photography on my Tumblr.

Also I love street art and try to document it on my travels - the best place is here to see my graffiti and stencil photography

Away from all the events that I work at, I try to find some time to venture out into the countryside and look for the perfect trees to photograph, particularly against a minimal landscape.

Finally, please get in touch, if you think we can work together on something interesting. I am always open to new ideas and collaborations !

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"David is a very creative, imaginative photographer and shows great empathy with his subjects. These qualities certainly show in his work. I am very pleased to endorse him."

Jane Kerr, Communications specialist

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I'm always on the look out for new collaborations