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Getting a portrait booked in for a business profile can be a new and daunting experience for some people. Many of my clients have never had a professional photoshoot before and of course it is up to me to make them comfortable, the session a pleasant one and most importantly get some images that they are really happy to use.

I have photographed many business portraits for people from different industries, occupations and backgrounds. From individuals starting up on their own, through to large organisations with big teams, where consistency is required.

Usually the sessions are completed in your own office space or home, at your convenience. I bring my portable studio to you. Of course we can use a work space or outdoors as a background and often if time allows manage to achieve both to provide a number of alternatives.

Corporate portrait photography - great value

What to expect with business portraits

For individuals an hour gives us an ample amount of time to get a great collection of images made.

For big teams and multiple portraits it is often good to have a list of individuals and timings for their photos prepared in advance. I prefer to work with one person at a time, as this makes everyone a little more comfortable in front of the camera. Nothing worse than a big line of people behind me waiting for their turn and potentially distracting the current subject. Of course I am happy to work within guidelines if your company has strict technical requirements for headshots - I just need to know before the shoot. An estimate of numbers for planning is between 6 and 10 people per hour but of course I can work a little faster if needed.

In terms of how many images are produced it can be between 30 and 40 finished files for an individual shoot and 5 to 6 images if it is part of a team shoot and we've had to get through a long list of staff.

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Contact sheet of corporate portraits image examples

I can advise on what to wear to create the perfect image. The key is keeping it simple, avoiding patterns and brand names. And ideally having a few alternatives. While formal work wear seems to be on the retreat in the last couple of years, a crisp collared shirt or blouse and a tailored jacket still look great. More details over the best clothes to wear for headshots portraits blog post.

Some people are nervous in front of the camera - I appreciate that, I am too ! Please trust me though, you are in good hands, I will be there directing you the whole time. My experience will give you the posing tips to build your confidence, look happy and maintain strong posture.

Of course all supplied images will be post-processed, my editing is typically restricted to overall image adjustments, such as blemish removal, toning down shiny skin and teeth whitening. Nothing too over the top, more a little optimisation !

So if you have been putting off getting your portrait taken, or tasked with organising some for your colleagues I can definitely help. Drop me a message or give me a call and lets get it sorted.

Business portrait photography - great value from Liverpool photographer examples

What to expect from a portrait session with David the Liverpool photographer

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