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I've successfully completed dozens of professional photography commissions for the outdoor advertising industry. These have been both via an agent, with PR and marketing companies and directly to the advertisers themselves. Client often need high quality images of adverts and campaigns for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, it is important to see the visual impact of the publicity campaign in different locations. Creating impactful outdoor ads requires a solid combination of art and science. The creative nature of the design, alongside visual aesthetics is important - but these need to be combined with strategic planning, site location and these days big-data and number crunching from research teams. The data-driven decision-making then provides information for the return on investment for existing campaigns and influences future marketing plans. Remember these large billboards and prime location digital screen cost advertisers thousands of pounds. They've got to get it right with adverts that resonate with their intended audience and in the right locations, in order to drive results.

To deliver, the best campaigns are consistently coming up with unique concepts.

Factors such as foot fall traffic, visibility and demographics, are all important when selecting the ideal location for an outdoor ad. By strategically placing ads in high-traffic areas or locations where your target audience is likely present, you increase the chances of getting your ads seen and engaging viewers. Figuring where those are and evaluating them, are tricky, especially if you are at a desk in London and need to figure out the best place to choose in somewhere like St Helens for example. So by commissioning a photographer for outdoor advertising to give quality information and visual feedback is a great idea.

Second, it provides proof and evidence of adverts displaying correctly. Like most things in life, things can go wrong - billboards can be posted incorrectly - I've seen sheets upside down on a traditional 48 sheet display. Or they are torn or damaged in other ways. Or simply they are missed off the contractors list and never appear at all. Almost impossible to know about if far away in another city for the commissioners. Even with the best advertising campaign in the world - if its not displaying as intended, that important return on investment will not be there.

And of course, in the digital age - electronic display sites can show multiple adverts from different companies - they usually loop 6 in 90 seconds. The technology is moving fast but some already have sensors to monitor traffic flow past a particular location and in trials new technologies in outdoor communication include systems that track eye movements ! But as with the paper versions, the displays can go wrong - from missing pixels to completely broken boards. They have even been the target of environmental campaigners, protesting about the amount of energy this technology uses and smashed or covered in paint.

Finally something I've learnt today - "OOH ad" - is short for "out-of-home advertising"

So if you've been searching for photography for outdoor advertising industry, in Liverpool, Merseyside or the North-West I can help, give me a call or drop me an email. I am happy to travel and provide competitive quotes - if too far for me to travel, I can recommend someone to help - just drop me a message.

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