Warehouse Interior Photography for a UK manufacturer in Liverpool

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Really interesting recent commission from a UK manufacturer of large scale industrial rooflights. These are made from glass reinforced plastic (GRP) to reduce the need for artificial light, saving energy and reducing the carbon footprint.

GRP Roof lights (Glass Reinforced Plastic) are fibre glass sheets that are used to allow natural daylight to enter a building. Installing from between 15% – 20% of the roof area ensures the lighting levels within a building is adequate and massively reduces the artificial lighting requirement. All images below were shot during construction - internal lights hadn't yet been installed - and even on an overcast Autumn day the space was very bright. In addition these industrial GRP sheets are extremely durable and can withstand heavy weights, and also benefit from moderate internal heat gains - again saving energy usage.

Their products had been installed at two large warehouses in an industrial estate just outside Ellesmere Port, here on Merseyside. And they needed high quality photographs before the premises were leesed out and used. One space was a traditional large distribution warehouse, the larger second one, had numerous bays for the reception and dispatch of goods via transport vehicles, generally trucks, and also trailers and containers.

large modern industrial warehouse

large modern industrial warehouse for logistics

The sheer scale of this large modern industrial warehouse was quite spectacular. Importantly the client wanted to show this, so I made sure some of the images showed elements to indicate size. This was a little tricky as the interiors were empty - but we moved a van into the space and included some people shots.

industrial warehouse interior photography example

workplace industrial warehouse for logistics in Merseyside

Furthermore the brief for this industrial photography assignment in Merseyside was to provide a wide range of images that could be used in multiple ways. They were planning a specific case study on the project for primarily their own website but also printed marketing materials. So we needed to shoot exteriors, as well as a full range of portrait and landscape orientation interiors.

I did some basic raw footage video shorts - simple pans of the inside at 4K / 30fps - the client was also preparing a showcase film about their products. This worked perfectly as an add on, combined with their drone footage. Obviously these warehouses are so huge, it's difficult to get any photography post construction without using aerial solutions.

photography of a warehouse for logistics in Merseyside

on location photography example - a large empty storage facility

Photographing very large industrial and distribution facilities can be a challenge. But there are always angles and perspectives that make them look architecturally interesting. Using my photography and post processing skills, hopefully I have been able to transform these spaces into engaging and eye-catching images.

Call 07810321634 and ask me for an estimate on your next industrial photography project today. I am based in central Liverpool, Merseyside but more than happy to quote for work undertaken in different locations across the UK.

roof light panels at a large empty storage facility image

industrial interior photography example - a large empty warehouse image

Liverpool photographer David case studies an industrial photography shoot in Merseyside at two large warehouses.

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