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Usually at the start of the year, I spend time reflecting on the previous 12 months. What went well, perhaps thinking about the jobs that didn't quite go to plan, how I can improve professionally and of course include loads of my photography highlights.

So here I am, as we approach the middle of January and I am only getting around to writing. It has been a blog post that I have been putting off for obvious reasons. 2020 is a year we will never forget but I have renewed hope that the future will be stronger than ever for me and my business.

So it is an extra special thank you to old and new clients who have asked me to be their photographer this year. We had to work together in different ways. Pre-shoot Zoom calls became a thing. And new and careful planning was necessary on location to maintain social distancing and to keep everyone safe.

The year started well, with a couple of big photo projects and a trip to the Alps. Hence a lot of images below are from the first couple of months. But the lockdown and quiet times enabled me to concentrate on some personal projects and I feel these have expanded and consolidated my practice as a professional photographer.

If 2020 has taught me anything, it is that planning can be a fragile and delicate activity. You really can't tie too much emotion or hopes to long term plans. Things will rock up and change them for you pretty quickly. Being flexible is more than just a skill set and I am a great believer that this counts both in life as well as it does in business.

Realistically I'm not expecting 2021 to bring a sudden change to my business. While I have been busy with web projects, I can't see too many big events or conferences being organised in the first half of the year. Even with vaccines being rolled out here in the UK, I think it is going to take quite a bit of time before life gets back to "normality". Of course I am ready to get on board with projects if you are in the planning stage - so get in touch, let me know your ideas.

On to the images.

On location photography

Back when we were still allowed to travel - seems such a long time ago now - I spent a fantastic few days with a friend in Chamonix. He was out there for the season, snowboarding and playing gigs, so it was too good an opportunity to turn down. When I arrived the weather was bright and clear, so got in one day of photography. I did have plans to return this year but like a lot of things, they are on hold at the moment.

On location photography Alps

Location photography France

European location photography

location photographer

Really interesting commission for some industrial photography during the year at various engineering companies in Merseyside

Industrial location photographer

Industrial location photography Merseyside

Documenting protests is crucial for promoting positive narratives about protests and protesters - and of course a major news story this year beyond Coronavirus was the Black Lives Matter movement, initially coming out the US. Thousands marched and protested here in Liverpool. More on the BLM protest in Liverpool via the link.

Protest photography Merseyside

Black Lives Matter photography Liverpool

Press photographer Liverpool

Street photography in January in London

Pr Liverpool

Press photographer Liverpool

January and February meant a couple of trips down to London working with an IT business providing corporate photography.

Corporate photographer Liverpool

Commercial photographer Liverpool

Team photography Merseyside

Another protest - this time anti Government direct action rave in the city centre - great fun and good to see lots of young people interested.

Protest photography Merseyside

Photography Liverpool press

Direct action protest photography

Large commission pre-lockdown in a science lab - providing editorial style photography for trade and industry publications and also internal marketing purposes

Industry photography in Liverpool

Industrial photography Liverpool

Liverpool based photographer working in a lab

Science lab photography

I've just started a personal photography project that I have been meaning to for years. Digitising and scanning a massive box of old 35mm slides that I inherited from my late mother. Months on, I am still scanning !

Lockdown personal project

Scanning 35mm slides project

personal photography in lockdown

Of course I spent quite a bit of 2020 covering the strange times that we live in - documenting covid19 in the city centre and beyond.

Covid19 photography Liverpool

press photos Liverpool lockdown

2020 photo highlights Liverpool city centre

Finally I set up a photography print store for my business - concentrating on a long term project focusing on trees and leaves - and even had a few sales, which was brilliant

Fine art photography print store

prints for sale

Liverpool fine art photography

Liverpool photographer prints for sale example

Thanks for reading if you have got this far !

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Author: David J Colbran

Commercial business portrait photography on location in Liverpool during the Labour Party Conference 2023

Portrait featured in Australian newspaper

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"I have employed David for conferences, presentations, social engagements, marketing materials, open days, portrait shots, official document signings amongst many others. David has always been amenable to our sometimes short notice and has delivered our photos in a quick time frame as agreed and sometimes much quicker depending on our needs. He has always been very helpful, he follows and delivers on the brief and is able to give additional value to jobs with minimal briefs. I am more than happy to recommend David and he will no doubt deliver the same quality he provides us."

Michael Humphreys, Development Officer at Liverpool John Moores University

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